Copy / Paste does not work well

I use Joplin for email templates as I send a lot of emails that require some small manual edits before sending. When I select the text and copy, parts of text are not transferred.
For example, I select the entire text:
Quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog and copy it.
When I paste this to Notepad++ it’s: Quick brown fox jumps over
Also, cursor seems to go forward each time I press space when I type directly to Joplin and makes it very confusing with CRs and line breaks.
I’m on Win 10, latest update and the latest portable version of Joplin.

@laurent I believe this is a spam post. The OP writes about pasting issues into notepad++ and that space moves the cursor forward - I believe that’s the function of a space key.

@Salasso can you please elaborate? I have no idea what you are talking about.

Yes i don’t understand either. If op could clarify that would be great.

I am rather surprised that you do not understand but I will elaborate anyway.
So, you have a note in Joplin which is:
A quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog
Then, you select this note with a mouse, right click and select Copy
Then, you go to Notepad++ or any other text editor and paste this text.
What you get is:
A quick brown fox jumps over
So, the information that has been selected and copied is not fully transferred when pasted.
Let’s just stick to this and forget about the other issue to avoid confusion.
I hope that it’s clear now.

I can’t replicate this.

If you select a paragraph by double click, it works but if you select the text with a mouse by dragging over and then copy, the issue occurs.

Do you use a custom font for the editor?

Nope. I’m using fonts as they are in Joplin. Never changed anything.

I can send a video if you wish… it dies not seem possible to attach files here…

Yes a video might help. You can upload to any free file sharing website or Dropbox, etc. if needed.

I’ve increased the number of attachments for new users to 1, so you should be able to upload here.

MP4 is not allowed. Only images. Here is Dropbox link: Copz-Paste-Issue
In this video you can also see how the cursor behaves strangely…

Please make sure that Tessus sees this as it does not seem to me that space should move the cursor forward in a way that can be seen in the video. Khm…

If you go in Options => Appearance, what’s the editor font in there? Because you use a font that’s not monospace and it’s not supported.

It was Arial. I have removed the entry. I must have changed this and forgot.
This option may as well be removed as it can only cause confusion.
Anyway, thank you for taking time to look into this issue.
Best regards.

Ok good you fixed it. We’re going to keep the option because some users want to use a different font than the default monospace one (for example I use Monaco, which looks nicer).

I'm using Fira Code, which is also a great font for programming.

Btw, there's also a warning below the setting: This must be monospace font or it will not work properly. If the font is incorrect or empty, it will default to a generic monospace font.

Oh, btw, I couldn't check the video, because the link results in a 404.