Is this a bug?

i read about the limitations off the rich text editor shortly after this happened to me.
and there was something over there about list items have to be all of the same type.
is this why is it happening?

if so, i noticed if i use Markdown editor to create different items in a list but i dont edit them in mark down editor. its seems to work fine.
What do you think?

It is a known limitation, yes. I remember I logged the same issue a good while ago - Bug: Strange behaviour of todo and checklist items in Rich Text editor · Issue #4286 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

I can't remember the exact thing that causes them to break but if you want to be safe you should keep the lists separated if using the rich text editor.

i tried to keep them seperated that created some other weird stuff to happen.

hey first of all thanks for the help

second: i tried to seperate the list and that created another problem:

They aren't separated:

All items in a list must be of the same type, so for example all checkboxes, or all bullet points. If you require two different types, you should create two different lists separated by a horizontal rule or similar.

Just to make it clear, you need to do something like this:

- item 1

* * *

- [x] item 1
- [ ] item 2

Hey thanks for the help. Sorry for the delayed reply, recent month was rather hectic.

The thing i, I im only using the markdown to see the actual render of the text not for editing. The only thing i isually do in markdown is tables.

Is it still needed to seperate the list items?

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