Is there a way to help remember clipped web pages and get reminded when revisiting them?

It is very easy to lose track when too many web pages have been clipped(whether partial or whole pages). Is there a way to mark those already clipped pages and get reminded when revisiting them? For example, when I revisit an alreadly clipped page, a short message will pop out or the color of web browser extension will change to alert me? This feature can also help avoid reclipping the same page. Thanks a lot.

Take a look at the MemoInjo. As far as I understand you can use it to add notes to any website, so you could use this feature to mark them as "clipped".


Thank you for your recommendation. But I cannot see how it can alert me about an already clipped page. I used it to clip a page and revisited that page, but nothing happened.No message popped out. No special mark appeared on the page. Could you give me some guidance on how to use it?

I'm not a regular user of the MemoInjo extension (I think it's awesome nonetheless), but here's an example:

  1. Say that I clip a website using the Joplin Web Clipper.
  2. Next, I add a note using MemoInjo (see image) that the website was clipped. Behind the scenes, this adds a short note to Joplin's database with whatever I jotted down. (Note that MemoInjo does not clip the page, just saves my comments about the page.)
  3. Now, every time I revisit the page, I can click the MemoInjo extension and see that I left a note there, saying it has already been clipped.

This workflow cannot keep track of whether the content of the page has changed since I clipped it, but it's a start.