Is there a way to have a reusable check list?

N00b here. Running 1.8.5 on win32.

I commonly need to add a checklist to an item. For example, my todo list item might be, "Upgrade network widget license". Linked to that would be an ordered checklist of what needs to happen, for example:

  1. Get quote
  2. Submit req
  3. get PO
  4. place order
  5. receive item
  6. apply/install item
  7. profit

This list would need to be templated, linked, copy/pasted whatever. Being able to add notes to each item on the checklist would be great.

Is there a way of doing this with Joplin or a plugin?


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Unless I'm misunderstanding your use case, templates should get you what you need. They're pretty basic but it doesn't look like you need anything complicated.

Yes, it was really simple. I was overthinking it.

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