Fellow sysadmins, please share your ways of using Joplin!

Hello all!

So this is approximately 232nd attempt at trying an app out for keeping track of sysadmin type things. I was wondering if there were any other sysadmins in here and if they wouldn't mind sharing how they use Joplin?

I'm just getting going with the latest version on Windows. Most of what I do is keeping track of things to do, and maintaining current state of those items, and who they might be assigned to.

I hope to hear how others in the sysadmin/sysops/itops role are using it.

To keep track of things to do, I usually create a new task and within it I have a tree of checkboxes with more details. The nice thing is that when you tick off the root of one checkbox tree, all the sub-checkboxes get grayed out too, which makes it easy to see at a glance what's been done or not.

Once the whole task is finished, I ticked it off too. For example that's one of my notes:

For other general note, one way is to give them a meaningful title and then you can jump back to them easily using Ctrl+P (Goto Anything).

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Thanks. Yeah I'm just getting used to it, and i think the learning process never stops. Constant questioning of myself of how and why I'm doing things.

joplin is a personal note-taking application, not a project management tool. . .