Is there a way to do multiple "Vaults"

Been playing around with both Obsidian and Joplin, and my preference is for Joplin. However, is there a way to do multiple "vaults" like in Obsidian?

To better explain my use case in case there is another solution: I have personal notes I'd like to keep on my personal computer, but I have professional notes that I'd like to sync between both my work computer and personal computer. My thought was to accomplish this with a feature similar to Obsidian's vaults, but I'd be open to other solutions as well.

Thanks for any input!


I don't know what an obsidian vault is, never used it. But it kinda sounds like Profiles in Joplin?
Maybe check those out - there has been a lot of talk regarding multiple profiles in here.

The simplest thing you can try is download 2 copies of Joplin Portable (on Windows) and set one up for work, one for personal stuff. And see if it suits your need.

Profiles sounds like it could be a solution for me, but is that a Window only thing? I'm not seeing profiles in my Joplin app on my Mac (personal), and my work computer is Linux. Regardless I'll search around here on the forum now that I know "profiles" is what I'm looking for. Thanks!

Not sure, I use Windows. It won't be as easy on the other plaforms, though there are options.

With Joplin Server v2 and the notebook sharing feature you can do something like this:

  • On your personal computer, put your "Personal" and "Professional" notes in separate notebooks. Sync with Joplin Server as, say, ""

  • On your work computer, sync with Joplin server using a second user, say "".

  • From your personal computer, share the "Professional" notebook with

  • On your work computer, sync and the "Professional" notebook should appear.

After that, any change you make from work or home to the Professional notebook will be synced between instances. And the work account will have no access to the Personal notebook.

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Hi, do you know if it's possible to run Joplin Portable alongside an installed Desktop version? I have a similar use case to OP, I want to sync my study notes only with mobile.

It is possible

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