Decouple notebooks

I've been working with Joplin for quite a while and accumulated plenty of notes. Now I'd like to access one of my technical notebooks related to software development from my business laptop. However, I don't want decrypt other notebooks that contain personal information on this device. All notebooks are stored under the same WebDAV account.
But at home, I want to access all notebooks-both technical and personal.

Is there any feature within Joplin that I can use for this?

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Really no ideas?

I just read you could use joplin --profile /path/to/somewhere

And of course 2 different WebDAV sync/target folders.

No, there isn't.

Yes and no. You can't run 2 instances of Joplin at the same time.

Agreed! Was trying to find OP a solution. Thanks!

And is there anything in the feature pipeline? I would really like to see something llike this

I would like to bring this topic up again, as I have the same issue as the OP. Also after quite some time of using Joplin I now have a lot of project specific notebooks, that I would like to archive.
A library with stacks of notebooks that can be loaded and unloaded from the virtual shelve in Joplin would be very helpful.

Sharing notebooks is being developed (which if my understanding is correct is what this thread is about).

In your case it sounds like you want more of an archival feature? You can do that now by exporting notebooks to JEX and then deleting them. You can re-import the notebook (unshelve) anytime you want access again.

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Thank you for this hint, @CalebJohn.

The "sharing notebooks" feature sounds promising. Looking forward to see it in an upcoming release.

Indeed I have the same scenario as the OP, as I want to keep notes on my work laptop but don't have all my private notes anyhow in this environment.

Archiving using JEX might be a work around, but I see 2 issues:

  • the content is unencrypted on HDD
  • if reimported it will create a top level notebook with the foldername and the original notebook below. So another step required to sort it back in.

I see, I misunderstood your use case. Let's hope the sharing notebooks works out!