Is there a way for Joplin to name .md files just by the title?

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Is there way for Joplin to just save notes with the title as the name of the file? Currently it uses something terrible like which makes the files unusable in any other markdown editor. Could set it just to use the title as the file name like the way Obsidian and Logseq do it?

Even better if Notebooks can be folders.

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I assume that you are looking at the notes as they appear on OneDrive? The filename is a unique ID that Joplin uses to keep a track of everything. The md files on the sync server are not just notes but information on tags, notebooks, attachments etc. These files are how Joplin passes data from client to client, that is their only purpose. The files on the server are not supposed to be edited at all. Notes should only be edited locally using a Joplin client. Advice previously given on this forum is to not edit outside of Joplin on the sync server as this could lead to data corruption. Also, many people who use third party cloud providers as a sync method also switch on End to End Encryption to prevent snooping. Then all the data on the sync server is encrypted, unreadable and uneditable regardless of how it is presented.

You can however export all your notes and if you use the option "MD - Markdown" all your notes are exported into folders named after the notebooks and with the note titles as the note file names. Of course any changes made to these exported notes will not be reflected in the notes in Joplin.


This holds true for the titles of embedded resources as well. Internally they're represented by unique identifiers, but when you export them, their original filename is restored.


and of course you can re-upload your edited markdown files again into your Joplin database :wink:

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