Can the .md files representing notes have note title in the name?

When using an external editor with Joplin, such as Typora (which is useful because it's a great WYSIWYG editor and because you can open/view/edit multiple notes simultaneously), the window gets titled with the .md filename. When multiple notes are open, when hovering over the editor icon in the taskbar in Windows, you cannot select the desired note because the little preview windows are titled using the gibberish .md filename. So you have to activate each note until you find the one you want. Similar issue if you're ALT+TAB'ing between notes.

I would guess behavior is similar on Mac or Linux when pairing external editor with Joplin, but cannot confirm as I don't use those operating systems.

Would it be possible to prefix the .md filenames with the note's title? The filenames would still be unique because what I'm referring to as "gibberish" would come after the note title in the filename.

So instead of filename,, it would be


He's asking about external editor file name, which is a different issue, but it's also been discussed several time:


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