Cannot create new notes in 2.13.6

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What issue do you have?

It is impossible to create new Notes in version 2.13.6 released today in F-droid (version 2.13.5 is fine).
New Note button is missing and the Copy button (on the top right after selecting a note) is doing nothing.

Cannot reproduce on my setup
Could you reboot and try again?

Android 13
LineageOS 20

I restarted several times the app without success but did not reboot the phone.
I have Android 12 running on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.
I have now reverted to version 2.13.5 (sorry I use this great app extensively and could not wait)

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I am still in the process of reverting to 2.13.5 , synchronisation/decryption is still taking place. But so far I am also missing the new note/new task buttons. I would be expecting to find them at the bottom right of the screen like the edit button but I cannot find them at this place

Following similar past issue, try to create a new notebook. Maybe it would help

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If the "All notes" section is open, the "new" button is missing. Double-check that a notebook is open.

Edit: This seems to be a regression from 2.12.x.

I've created a GitHub issue for this:

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Yes it fixes the issue.
The button to create new workbooks is indeed still existing. After the creation of the new workbook, the button to insert a new note appears again in the new workbook and also in any workbooks or in All Notes.
Thanks a lot !

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