Is Joplin making any plans to refactor to React Hooks?

If there is any plan, I’d really love to be a part of it

Hi @Runo-saduwa,
thx for the suggestion but could you be more detailed on what you are suggesting?
You need to pick non-nerds as well.

As you may have already figured out it is not on the ideas page
If you want to have it there, come up with details as done for the others.

If you want to contribute code and may apply for a project later, you are advised to pick up a good first issue on GitHub"good+first+issue" to give us an idea on your programming skills

@PackElend, I believe he’s talking about how components are handled and coded currently. React Hooks allow doing quite a bit more with less code but are backwards compatible with the more clunky, older style of coding that was common to previous versions of React. If it’s anything like refactoring to comply with and use new features from recent releases in other languages, it can be a pretty heavy undertaking that could break so much of the code and introduce new bugs.


Like Bedwardly said, there’s no plan to refactor components to use React Hook as that would be too much work. New components however should be done using hooks.

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Alright, I complete understand, Joplin is a really large app, refactoring will be quite hectic

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