Would like to contribute but don't know React

Hey all,

I want to build a feature for Joplin. To be more specific, I want to build a knowledge graph based on internal links (ala Roam/Obsidian). I have an idea of how I can do this with Python (via @foxmask joplin-api library), but no clue when it comes to React.

My problem is that all of this happens outside of the Joplin client. I can build this for myself, but really have no way of sharing this with other users (natively). So, here are my questions:

  • Can non-React code be used in the joplinapp repo?
  • Is there an “official” of adding third party libraries / plugins?
  • In general, is there an advice for this issue?

Hi, first off, I wish you well because I would really like that feature! I can't answer all of your questions, but just wanted to point you here: Any suggestions on what plugins could be created? - #8 by doomsy There is a plugin system in progress, although I don't know the timing of it.

Since I also am not a react dev, I went with the approach of defining a feature with the hope that I can contribute once the plugin system is available. Maybe you could do the same? I know I'd love to provide UX notes on a knowledge graph system and I bet others would too :slight_smile: .

I'd also be interested in your python prototype, even if it wasn't native yet. Might be a way to provide feedback there as well.

That’s interesting. I’ll be waiting for the development on this issue.

I’ll be sure to share my progress with the community.

Currently there is no good solution but you should check out the apps category of the forum to see what others have done.

I think the plugin thing is still at the discussion stage so you shouldn’t wait for that if you can do it using the API.

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