Is it safe to use the WYSIWYG yet?


I want to ask if it is safe to use the WYSIWYG editor, because at earlier versions (rn using Joplin 1.7.11) it had a warning saying that it should not be used with imported notes (which is my case).

So, now that this warning is gone, can I use it as my primary editor instead of writing markdown manually?


The warning is still there, but you most likely dismissed it at one point.

This is exactly the reason why Laurent did not want to allow people to remove the warning.


Aight, case closed.

I am using the WYSIWYG editor in all sorts of note, formating, etc. for about 8 months now. Not a single issue which had to do with this choice. It seems to me - others may know better - that the risks if any are not with using the WYS editor, it seems to be lingering in a repeated switch in and out of it for those who use both editor or even external editors.
I AM VERY HAPPY that the useless warning has been removed, or let's say is not permanently in sight.

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