Is there a Beginner area for stupid WYSIWYG Q's?

I’m looking to switch from Apple Notes and other various apps I’ve been trying. I’m new here, and I want to work in basic WYSIWYG mode, and I don’t need things rendered in html, which is what I think the rendered format is? I don’t want to need the split pain (haha). Is WYSIWYG mode experimental because of the swapping between md and html? Is so, how important is it to people to have the html format as the preview? Is it needed because people use it a lot for web publishing?

I just need basic WYSIWYG that is only md format. Is that weird? It would be kinda just like Apple Notes wouldn’t it? And I suspect for a lot of folks, that might be all they want? I want to take notes, add links/photos/files etc, and view them without visually without all the backend ids.

I also can’t get serious about adopting Joplin as my go to tool while the feature is still in Beta as I don’t want to risk corruption or loss of data somehow.

I’d also like to know where I can ask other newb/noob type questions. I understand that the ids and database method won’t be changed. I can live with that since I know where the files are (not tucked away in my MacOS folders like Apple Notes). But I also need to make sure I know how NOT to break anything. It seems like as long as I don’t touch the (Joplin_id).md files, I should be fine, and I just need to use Joplin to be able to view them. Is there any other folder I need to be concerned with?

Thanks for anyone who wants to helop with any of that above!

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Joplin used Markdown for its WYSIWYG editor, you may want to read up on that. It’s a standard text formatting language.

In this post: it says this:

"Please note however that this feature is experimental at this stage - don’t use it for important notes as you may lose the content of the note, or it might get corrupted.

If you are interested in this editor though it might make sense to use it for less important notes, so as to evaluate it and report bugs and issues you might find.

This is a technically challenging component because it needs to convert between Markdown and HTML, and vice-versa. Joplin already includes robust HTML-to-MD and MD-to-HTML conversion modules (battle tested respectively in the web clipper and the desktop/mobile client), and this new editor is based on this technology."

I took that to mean that it isn’t just using markdown, otherwise wouldn’t it be easier to do? I guess I’m confused, because I don’t know where the “lose the content” or “corruption” would come from.

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I'm not sure how these things work under the hood, I just know that the end result is markdown notes both in wysiwyg and split screen mode.

I would imagine it doesn't matter that much when you enter notes manually, but it probably becomes a much bigger challenge when importing notes (e.g. from Evernote) or web clipping, etc. I'm sure making that happen is a lot more difficult than it seems, but I'll let the experts answer that :slight_smile: