Joplin Plugin Repository, which compatible with WYSIWYG?

Joplin is now my only note app for my home app (migrated from Evernote) and I am exploring more now.

I like the markdown editor, but it misses the tables insert button on the WYSIWYG editor

On the other hand, the code blocks button in the markdown editor works better for me (I can just highlight and press it, which doesn't seem to work in the WYSIWYG editor (typing ``` at the beginning and end of a code block takes 12 key strokes on a Portuguese keyboard)

Anyway, I am still switching between editors (I was going to stick with the markdown editor but its all a bit fluid at the moment!), so knowing which plugins are compatible with the WYSIWYG editor is helpful

The plugins under Settings>Markdown have this indicated

But the ones under Settings>Plugins>Plugin Tools>Browse all plugins that sends me to the Joplin Plugin Repository page doesnt indicate which of these are compatible

How do I find out, short of going to each homepage and seeing if the info is there or not?


Unfortunately it really is down to the plugin developer to put it in the readme and for people to read exactly what they plugin is for. It may not fit nicely into a markdown based category at all so putting that info on the plugin page isn't ideal.

What might help in the short term is that you should also be able to use three ~ for fenced code blocks rather than the backticks which might be easier for you to type?

Thanks @Daeraxa

good idea, ~~~ also requires two keystrokes for each character, as they are both 'accents' used in Portuguese over vowels, eg Não & à, but, the tilde doesnt need a shift key

I think I would be happier using the Markdown editor, since I dont actually need the WYSIWYG bit, its just the table button that I mainly miss (and H1 H2 $ H3 would be good too)

Is there any way of inserting custom buttons?

Tables especially are a bit of a pain in Markdown (IMHO)

By the way, for years I was dreaming of something Like Joplin, and now its here!
Many, many thanks to all those involved :pray:

Here you can see syntax for inserting table in markdown.

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