Is there a built-in templates feature?

Hi there,

Is there a built-in templates feature in Joplin?

Thanks in advance for any help.

There's a plugin for it


Great to know. Thank you.

So, I am coming from Obsidian, and there I did not use community plugins. I think that even the developers recommended it, and I was always afraid that because of security reasons.

Is there any risk in Joplin while using plugins?

And, regarding the data continuity, for example, once we use plugins for templates, how will our notes be saved? Will they lose all the formatted data (special fields, etc) if we stop using the plugin in the future? Will we end with a lot of "strange" text in our notes?

Thanks once again and sorry for so many questions.

There won't be any problem with the notes even if you open them in an app without the plugin.

This particular plugin is hosted by us so it is safe. In general you can check that when searching for plugins - those with a crown :crown: are those that come from the team or trusted contributors.

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I understood. Thank you very much, @laurent !