iPad Sync Error - Invalid Parameters in updateSyncTimeQueries(): 5


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Platform: iPad
Version 10.7.2

I have seen other forum posts about this problem when using imported Evernote notes, but I have never imported notes to Joplin.

I am syncing with Nextcloud. Nextcloud server is at /remote.php/webdav/Joplin. Some of the notes sync, other notes do not. I have Joplin installed on (1) iPhone (2) Windows-PC (3) Windows-PC (4) Manjaro and (5) iPad. This error only shows up on iPad.

I recently resolved another sync issue that was impacting all my installations because my .resource directory was missing on Nextcloud. I manually created a .resource directory and those sync problems resolved. However, iPad has not resolved and gives me a new error message. I am using encryption and my encryption password is present on every Joplin installation. I have tried deleting the Joplin iPad app and syncing fresh and it has the same problem.

Error message:
Last error: Error: Invalid Parameters in updateSyncTimeQueries(): 5
[There are more details here with hashes and salts that would be tedious to type out here].

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