Introduction - Sandeep Singh

Greetings Joplin Community,

I am Sandeep Singh, a passionate Pre-Final Year Undergraduate student at IIT Jodhpur, deeply interested in programming and development. With expertise in C++, Python, and JavaScript, alongside a range of development tools and frameworks, I have actively participated in hackathons and contributed to projects, including digital community platforms, code quiz challenges, and machine learning endeavors. Additionally, I have made contributions to projects benefiting the IIT Jodhpur community.

My recent project involvements, such as the Digital Community Platform developed for the Tech Japan Hackathon, have honed my skills in ReactJS, Python, and MongoDB. This project showcased my ability to craft responsive user interfaces, integrate APIs for seamless functionality, and deliver impactful solutions within tight deadlines. Additionally, my experience as Assistant Head for Aaftaab (Literary Festival of IIT Jodhpur) underscores my commitment to effective communication and project management.

I am particularly excited about the opportunity to contribute to Joplin's mission through the AI-Supported Summary of Notes and Notebooks project. Although my experience with machine learning is limited, I am eager to learn and apply the required skills on the go. Could you please guide me on how I can start contributing to this project? I am keen to explore this fascinating area and leverage my existing skills to make meaningful contributions.

Looking forward to the possibility of collaborating with the Joplin community to create impactful solutions.

Best regards,
Sandeep Singh
GitHub username: Sandeep7784

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