GSoC 2020 Introduction to the community

Hi everyone,

I'm Naveen. I'm an Mtech CS student at IIT Kanpur.

I read and It was very readable and beginner-friendly :slight_smile:

I'm getting comfortable with the codebase now and hope to fix an issue soon. Glad to meet you all!


welcome to Joplin, looking forward hearing from you

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Thanks!. I've been busy with exams for the past couple of days.
I'll get to work now :slight_smile:

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Some additional info that I failed to mention the first time.

Username: naviji

Name: Naveen M V

University: IIT Kanpur

Experience: I learn by doing. My experience comes from the projects I made for myself.

I've made scripts for automating my monotonous tasks, websites using Flask/Django and JS. I know C, C++, and Java. I've tinkered with Go and Scala too.

Way forward: I realize that isolated projects that I write on my own don't provide the experience necessary to handle large code bases or work together with other people. I'm eager to learn these things. Plus, the thought of writing code that thousands of others might find useful is exciting.

I've been searching for a note-taking alternative to Evernote for quite some time. I was also looking forward to doing GSOC too. Incidentally, I discovered Joplin and well - two problems solved :slight_smile:

I'm working on an issue. See my progress here. Desktop: Added arrows to go front and back through note history by naviji ยท Pull Request #2563 ยท laurent22/joplin ยท GitHub

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