Introduction Duy Huynh

Hi, my name is Duy Huynh, I'm 19 years old. I'm a student at VNUHCM (Ho Chi Minh University of Science) in Vietnam. I've built many fullstack projects in React.js, Node.js with Typescript/Javascript, here is my github.

Experience with Joplin

I have used many note-taking apps, and Joplin is the perfect fit for me: cross-platform sync, fast to open, free, markdown-supported. I didn't notice Joplin codebase until I see it on GSoC. It's the perfect chance for me to dive into open source softwares, I'll do my best.

Intentions with GSoC 2024

I'm interested in seemless desktop app auto update, I've built a demo and will discuss about it soon. I also have some project ideas I want to propose. Currently, I'll fix some issues to get my feet wet in Joplin codebase.


I've opened my first pull request here: Desktop: Fixes #10060: Fix "New note" button rendering when startup with Trash can selected. by khuongduy354 · Pull Request #10076 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

Hi, this is my demo here using electron-updater for Seemless Desktop Update. I know Linux shouldn't support auto update, but this is just for testing and it works.