Introducing Ahmed Ibrahim

Hello everyone!

I am Ahmed Ibrahim, 1st year Computer Engineering student at Cairo University. I have contributed to open-source projects for a while! I am sure that GSoC is a great opportunity to continue contributing to open-source, and to enhancing my skills!

I mostly do competitive programming (Qualified to Regional ICPC twice) and web development using JavaScript
I have built a lot of projects using React.js, Nodejs, Expressjs, and C++

I am interested in joplin for GSoC'22
I liked many projects from the list of ideas, but the one I found most interesting was Email plugin

I read this article about how to build TOC plugin , and I understood how it works

Hope I can do great contributions to Joplin!

Github Account: ahmedibrahim404 (Ahmed Ibrahim) · GitHub


Hi there,
Welcome to the community.
Would you mind sharing which bug you are going to work / you are working on?

happy to see here.

thx & goog luck

Hi there,
just would like to know how do you get along with contributing.
Anything I could help with (if aI can)?