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Introducing Vishwash Bajpai

My name is Vishwash Bajpai. I am currently in my second year and I am doing web development for the past 6-7 months and I have experience in the MERN stack and I have made some projects in this stack also but I am new to open source so can anyone guide me as I know react.js so where should I start.

I'm sorry, but I can't decide, if you are a bot (1) or a person. If the latter I also do not know, whether or not you are serious (2).

  1. Writing the entire comment as one sentence seems odd.
  2. You are about 2-3 months too late when it comes to GSoC.

So I think I should introduce myself once more

I am Vishwash Bajpai. Currently in my second year of undergrad.
Apart from doing competitive coding, I am now really interested in Front-end-development
I have built some projects in react.js and I have also built an e-commerce website with MERN stack.
And I am not targeting this year's GSOC as I know I am pretty late. But first I want to gain some experience in open source.

So, Sir, can you guide me where should I start.

Competitive coding? Is that really a thing?

Why does everything always have to be a competition? Where would that possibly be useful? I'm not trying to hate on it. Just curious and a bit confused...

Realy everything has become a Rat race nowadays.
Now can you please guide me to contribute to this organization
with my given skill set.

I really want to start contributing to open source.

Hi @Daggerhub

The best place to start is the build document

After that you can choose a bug from the following list and try your hand at fixing it.

In the spirit of transparency, this is the beginning of the GSoC season and all regular Joplin devs will be busy helping the GSoC students on-board to the project. This means we likely won'thave much or any time to help you get started. You might find it easier to start contributing in a few months once the initial GSoC period is over and things are smoother here.

Firstly I should thank you for helping me out
And I really understand that all of you would be busy as the GSOC period is starting so I would be happy to try on the bugs and try to solve them.

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