Introducing Abhishekrawe

Hey There! I am Abhishek Rawe. I am a sophomore at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Bihta. I am enthusiastic about Full Stack Web Development using MERN stack, I have a strong hold when it comes to make Web apps using JavaScript. I am familiar with Open Source.

The Projects I want to contribute on Joplin Project which are :

1.Paste Special and
2.Real time collaboration on a note .

These projects fits my experience area, I am currently trying to understand your code base @CalebJohn @roman_r_m can you help me to how to better understand of Joplin codebase ?

My Github Username :

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Is there anything in particular you need help with? Start by checking out the project, then make sure you can build at least the desktop app.

When I am trying to run npm install at the root directory, it's throwing some error. I have attached a screen shot of it. Can anybody help me with it....
I think there is some issue with the learna cli...!

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Have you tried googling the error message? That's what I'd do in such situation.
Please post the complete output, and not as screenshot but as actual text.