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Introducing Shivam-Shandilya

I am currently a Computer Science and Engineering Freshman at Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani. I am proficient in front end web development programming language which includes [HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT BOOTSTRAP DOM JQUERY] as well as has a good grip on back-end web development which includes [Node.js Express.js EJS APIs] and programming language [C and C++] and, using all of these ideas which are like spices to build interesting projects for the welfare of society and to enhance its technological developments.
I have an excellent background in academics as I stood amongst the top 0.353% students (rare one) and secured 4071 All India Rank in the Joint Entrance Examination, conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology.
My Github Username -Shivam-Shandilya1
I am interested in Joplin to contribute my codes to make an interesting project for the welfare of society.
I am interested to contribute to Real-time collaboration on a note

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