Introducing Prashant

Hello Joplin community,

My name is Prashant. I'm currently studying computer science (2019-23) at the Lovely Professional University, India.

I have a little experience contributing to open source, which includes contributing pull requests for some features at hacktoberfest2021. I'm excited about the opportunity to contribute to Joplin this year, I think It'll be fun.

I have some experience in:

  • HTML
  • Javascript, Typescript
  • React, React native Redux (redux-toolkit), Material UI
  • Axios, GraphQL
  • Node.js, Express
  • UI/UX design and graphic design.
    I am looking forward to contributing to Joplin while I will be looking for support from our mentors and community.

My github profile: prashantkr006 github


Hi there,
Welcome to the community.
Would you mind sharing which bug you are going to work / you are working on?

thx for the efforts & good luck

Hi there,
you are doing?
Are you getting along well?
Any help required on how to read Joplin's codebase and how to fix an issue easily?

good luck

No actually I am facing issues with the codebase I couldn't figure it out from where to start can you guide me please?

You might want to be a bit more specific, what are you having issues with? The codebase is pretty logically split up into areas (app-desktop, app-mobile etc.) getting more and more granular.

Generally I just search for terms that make sense then backtrack through the code from there.

e.g. issue is with MoveToFolder command - I look for that command name in the entire project, eliminate dirs I'm not interested in (like locales) then backtrack to find the actual bit of code I want.

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