Introducing rookieCoder9

Hey everyone! I am Sahil Kumar, a sophomore pursuing B.Tech in Information Technology. Being an open-source enthusiast, I am passionate to contribute to Joplin as a part of GSoC 2022.
I have a robust knowledge of Web development. Other interests include watching sitcoms, playing video games, and communicating with people. Hope to get along with the community :slight_smile:

Github UserName: rookieCoder9


Hi there,
Welcome to the community.
Would you mind sharing your GitHub account and may tell, which bug you are going to work / you are working on?

thx & good luck

Hey, I am currently working on "Desktop: Show installed plugins in Help - About Joplin (Issue #6143)".

My Github

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Hi there,
you are doing?
Are you getting along well?
Any help required on how to read Joplin's codebase and how to fix an issue easily?

good luck

Hey I had fixed the issue but i am unable to write unit tests.

may you find help in #development ?