Introducing marwanatef2

Hello Everyone,
This is Marwan Atef, A software engineering student at the faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.
I’m looking forward to participate with Joplin in GSOC 2020 as I believe it’s a golden opportunity one don’t want to miss.
I have some experience working with NodeJs for the backend web development, I have experience with Data structures and algorithms as well.
I’m sure such contribution will benefit me and add a lot to my skills so I hope I can add remarkable value to Joplin as well.
I hope whoever read this have a good day.

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Welcome to the forums. I’m Brandon; I’m one of the mentors here. If you have any questions about the project, please read the GSoC Live Blog up top. If it doesn’t answer, feel free to reply here and I’ll see what I can do.

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Thanks for offering help, I’m already on it.

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Before you ping any of the other mentors, please mention either me or @PackElend. Everyone has roles here and we're kind of the first responders in order to allow things to run smoothly. You're quite welcome. :smiley:

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Okay, sure.

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@bedwardly-down I’ve just setup my development environment and ready for dig in the code and work on my first issue, I’m interested in the desktop app. Is there any roadmap for the Joplin project or anything just to know where to get started? Also any suggestions regarding my first issue is much appreciated.

Hi and welcome,
in regard of your question

there is not any specific road map, see How to create Joplin Roadmap?
As you interested in the desktop app you may fix a but related to it.

I can you only repeat what is mentioned in GSoC Live Blog

you can alos dig into closed PRs as some were abandoned and so closed to inactivity.

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So now I’m looking in the open issues to try to solve any of them, but many of them have somebody already working on them, Is it okay to work on an issue that has somebody working on?

there are some which were closed to inactivity you can take those or you just go for bug and fix it

I just a made a PR for issue #1656.
I’m open to all kinds of feedback whether something needs to be improved or changed completely.
I hope that makes a one good first issue.

Unfortunately my PR was closed, now I’m trying to solve another issue. However, Is it a must that i have a PR merged so as to get accepted in GSOC? @PackElend

@marwanatef2, I’m helping Pack with all of this, so i could be wrong, but my understanding is that having a PR accepted is mainly to see if you can complete a task. If you can’t complete a PR, how are we supposed to be able to believe that if your proposal gets submitted to GSoC’s committee, you’ll be able to finish the project in time if at all?

I understand this for sure, but my PR was closed so i have to look for another open issue which nearly all of them have other guys working on them or made a PR already. @bedwardly-down

#2789 was the closed PR, @PackElend. I’ll let you continue on this one. I don’t have more to say at the moment.