GSoC 2020 - Introduction (@ojaswa1942)

I’m Ojaswa Sharma, undergrad in IT from India. I’ve worked extensively with JavaScript in multiple forms - VanillaJs, ReactJs, NodeJs including the latest ECMAScript standards. I have had the chance to write several node scripts, tests and programs (such as a weekend gig about myself). I’ve worked on several personal and professional full-stack projects using libraries, databases & technologies such as GraphQl, Express, ElasticSearch, SQL, MongoDB, Redis, IPFS etc . Furthermore, I’ve worked in various development environments, followed standard workflows & well-adhered coding conventions. I have also written end-to-end and unit tests, actions & pipelines (CI) and set up continuous deployment.

I was going through the ideas page on the website would like to know the Organization’s priority among these projects? I understand that I’m late to introduce myself to this community and I don’t have time to contribute and prove my skills or understanding to the codebase. However, with my skills & experience, I’d like to ask if Joplin is still looking for candidates?

Looking forward

Ojaswa Sharma
(LinkedIn, GitHub, Website)

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Here is the referred idea page:

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No real priority on these projects, I would assume that each mentor considers their own project to me at the highest priority :wink:

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Welcome, Ojaswa. Those ideas are just a template for projects that Joplin could possibly use but are not set in stone. If you haven’t done it yet, please bookmark and check out the GSoC Live Blog linked at the top of the forums. It’ll give you some ideas of how to go about submitting your first PRs here, working on your proposal drafts, etc.

Stefan (@PackElend) and I, Brandon, are here to help get you started and help with concerns and whatnot. We also check out your first drafts and make sure the devs and you are on the same page with things. Caleb here is one of the main dev team.

Alright, I’ll get onto it.

So hey, I was looking into the “WYSIWYG Editor” and found it interesting and challenging. However, I was wondering if any roadmap or option has been considered yet? (I couldn’t find any specification decisions here).
HyperMD and others were do discussed but not decided. I’d like to discuss more about it and how/where can I contribute to pledge me allegiance and ability to this project.

Apart from this, I was also interested in the “Custom keyboard shortcuts” and doubt if it is still available?

note a final one, it can be also evaluated during the beginning of the coding phase

all is available, we chose the best on but yes, there are some proposal submitted for it