Introducing JoshDesmond

Hi all,

My name is Josh Desmond, and I’m a fourth year student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and am studying computer science. I was introduced to Joplin earlier this year as a replacement for Evernote, and use the software as a platform for Getting Things Done (GTD). I opened my first issue today on Github about case preservation, and figured it would be a good time to follow up with a GSoC introduction!

I have experience working in web development, and even spent the last summer doing an internship at Virtusa, helping build a healthcare website based on React. To see one quick demo of relevant skills, check out this poker visualization I made using the D3 library in javascript: link. (Source code available here).

I still have more work to do on getting started with Joplin development. Since Joplin is a platform I plan on using for life, contributing is something I’d be interested in regardless of GSoC, and look forward to getting involved soon!

Expect more updates in the coming days, and feel free to say hi!

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Welcome, Josh. I’m not one of the devs here, so I’m a bit fuzzy on the specifics with the code, but i just took a quick look at your issue and the presentation is crisp and explained the concept well. Good luck on it and if you have any specific questions about GSoC, please check out the Live Blog at the top first, then reply here. Either @PackElend or I will get back to about it when able. :smiley:

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