Introducing Himanshu

Hello everyone ,I am Himanshu Giri an UG student from SRM IST Chennai, India .I have applied for GSOC 2020.I find the Idea “Integrating OCR” and “Hierarchical Tags” to meet my interest.I have been working with js from past 1.5 years and have used several js frameworks like react js ,vue js and others.I have worked on several ml projects on image processing in some of the hackathons in which i have participated.I have worked on electron js before and look forward to work on this project in near future.
I have read and and would start contributing soon.

Thankyou Everone

Welcome, Himanshu. I just wanted to give you heads up. With less than 24 hours to go before submitting proposals to Google, any proposal you make will almost certainly not be submitted due to how little time there is to evaluate your skills and how little time there is to get you caught up on the code base. Joplin is not a simple app to work with but contributions are welcome and feel free to just use the app and be a part of the forum. :wink:

Yeah i get it that i am very late for the submission of my proposal and i am sorry for that.Anyways i have gone through the code base for react-native client and there were somethings which were really nice.

Even if i dont get selected for gsoc 2020 I would still start contributing for this product as i find it a very promising project and i surely think that it matches my interest very well


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