Introducing flozender


I am Tayeeb Hasan, known as flozender on GitHub, looking to work with Joplin for GSoC 2020. I have experience with Javascript, NodeJS and I have built my own mini note-taking API in the past.
I am interested in the OCR implementation for Joplin and will be submitting a draft application soon!

Good luck! ~~

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Welcome Tayeeb. My name’s Brandon and as a mentor, I’m here to help you get going (with not the code, but just basic forum knowledge and whatnot).

Have you read the GSoC Live Blog at the top of the forums? Most beginning questions should be answerable there. If not, feel free to reply here.

Also, how long have you been using Joplin and what platforms are you running it on?

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Hi Brandon, thank you for the warm welcome! I have gone through the GSoC Live Blog but thank you for notifying me.

Unfortunately, I have just been introduced to Joplin through GSoC but I do intend on sticking around for a long time! I have started using it on my desktop. Also, I am really enjoying the community here. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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are your are going to fix more issues?
Your PRs record is very slim what is currently not enough to assess you to ensure that your capable to work on such a complex feature.

Hi, @PackElend,
I have been actively trying to get hold of good issues to solve but they are mostly Linux kernel 5.5+ based (I don’t think I can help here) or Mac OS related (I use Windows with WSL). There were some issues I wanted to work on but other contributors were already on it, so I couldn’t do anything there. If you have any issues you’d like me to work on, please let me know.

And as per the implementation of OCR, I chose this out of all other ideas because I have extensive experience with Javascript APIs, have worked with a lot of them, and thought I could help out here. If you’d like, I could whip up a demo PoC with TesseractJS to extract text from a given image. I am interested in working with Joplin over the summer, so please let me know how I can show you I’m capable!

If you’d like to see my projects: here is my Github account.

As your are experience with APIs, for Joplin API, and also have the same dev environment, you can ask laurent directly, with reference to her.
He has the same dev environment and is working on the API, he might tell how you could help him in relation to before mentioned.

Thanks, I will be sure to contact Laurent. Is it ok if I message him through Joplin Discourse?

The main 5.5 Linux issue is pretty much my thing here and a nightmare that is slowly being unraveled, although, i need to try a patch out asap. You’re not going to find many Linux specific issues here that aren’t upstream bugs that can be easily fixed or even things that many devs are going to even care about. In many multiplatform libraries, Linux is a second hand citizen that needs special care by community members most of the time.

In all honesty, I’d recommend putting Joplin through the most extreme tests you can do or even think of and purposely breaking components on your own forks to get edge-case bugs to appear if you really want to get material to make PRs from or even request features that aren’t being talked about here that could be extremely popular.

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That's some great insight, thanks a lot! I will try what you recommended. :slight_smile:
Currently I'm working on #2383

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are we going to see any additional action of you on GitHub?

@PackElend Yes, I have made changes as requested to one of my pull requests but I am unable to get the app running on my local machine, I have asked Laurent for help on this, still waiting for his response. Sorry for the delay!

These things have to be asked in #development , PM in this regard won’t be answered as we have the forum.
If you don’t ask around here you show that you haven’t understood the purpose of the forum what is not that positive for your reputation.

I opened up a GitHub issue as I thought it was a bug with the new update, I asked over there. I will ask in the #development channel, pardon me.

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@flozender, can i get the issue link? Also, what system are you on? Information like this is always useful.

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@bedwardly-down, This is the link:
I am on Windows 10 with WSL. I tried to start it up using Windows PS and also with WSL Bash, but to no avail. I did see some solutions on the forums, but they didn’t work out for me.

are we going to see any additional action of you on GitHub?

@flozender are you going to do anything?
You closed PR is far too little to assess you.
You silence puts you on the OUT list currently