GSoC 2020 would like to work on OCR support project idea

Hello, I was successfully able to set up the development environment for Joplin also been using the desktop version as well as the react native app. I also have fixed the bug been waiting for your reply to send the PR.

I really like the idea of OCR support and would like to work on it. I have also tried the workaround tesseract library to find out how it extracts the text from the image. Please let me know your suggestion and request you to guide me for contributing to Joplin @CalebJohn

Hi @amitsin6h !
Glad to here that you’ve got everything up and running!
You can go ahead and make a pull request with your changes, the next step is for the changes to be reviewed and ultimately merged. Making the pull request is an essential step before that review can take place, so please in the future make a PR as soon as you finish fixing a bug/issue!

After that you can continue fixing bugs in Joplin any open issue that isn’t assigned is fair game! There is also a list of good first issues if you’re still getting comfortable.
Another option is to make your own project that uses tesseract so that you can get comfortable on that end, but I believe tesseract is fairly plug-and-play so you might find continuing with Joplin contributions to be the most useful.

If you have any specific questions about Joplin/development I’d be happy to keep answering
but if you have any questions specific to GSoC then it would be better to ask @PackElend or @laurent

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Good morning,
I'm listening :relaxed:.

When you do a PR please tag it with Gsoc-2020 for traceability


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Thanks for your reply @CalebJohn, I have used the library in my small project and it works pretty well.

I guess this has been fixed.

Also what was thinking for Joplin was can we have functionality for language translation let me know your thoughts on it.

We can have simple dropdown list which will allow the slected text to be transalted in the language we want to transalate.

I will wait for your reply.

@PackElend can you assign me this issue so that I can send my PR ASAP

@amitsin6h there's no need to be assigned an issue before you start working on it! Please go ahead and get started ASAP. Leaving a comment letting others know that you're working on it is enough :slight_smile:
So please make a pull request with your fix right away

agree, we will tag/link the issue to the PR after acceptance/successful merge.
We need to first get known of you before we can add it to the crew, we won’t to avoid to have to many one-shots what expose the risk, that issues won’t be completed although there is an assignee what in turn drops reputation.
If anything goes fine its merely an administrative thing

have fun with the PR

@amitsin6h anything clear and all set?

yeah all clear although am working with the current PR