GSoC Introduction - anihm136

Hey everyone! I’m Anirudh Murali, a second year Computer Science student at PES University, Bangalore, India. I go by anihm136 on github. I’ve been using Joplin for a couple of weeks, and am thrilled to see it in gsoc!

I have about a year of experience in web development (mainly js), and have a little experience in making open-source contributions.

Ideas that interest me:

  • OCR for extracting text from clipped images
  • A secure way to sync settings between clients (this is something I missed in my case, any feedback on the same is appreciated!)

welcome at Joplin, can’t wait for your first contribution.
If you have any question don’t hestitate to ask around here.

Glad you’ve been using Joplin. What devices are you using it on and, even though we have ideas setup here for possible GSoC projects, feel free to get with me and @PackElend here if you have your own ideas you’d like to try for. Welcome. :smile:

@bedwardly-down I’ve been using the Linux electron client on 2 systems as well as the android mobile client (that’s why syncing settings would be a nice feature for me). A lot of good ideas on the list, and as I said, OCR seems a good addition!

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What Linux OSs and are you running into any issues? I’ve been an Arch user for over a decade and have run into a small handful myself due to upstream shenanigans.

I’m running on Manjaro and Ubuntu. Only been using for a couple of weeks, so haven’t really dug into all of its features, but haven’t faced any issues so far on either of them

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Manjaro will probably give you some issues at some point. It’s current mainline kernel in the repo has a nasty bug that affects Electron apps in general, so i would check this out when able. Ideas are welcomed but that’s one of the few bugs that’s probably outside the scope of GSoC.

Thanks for the heads up! On a side note, where do I ask for help understanding the codebase? In particular, I’m not able to figure out where the note body is stored/retrieved.

The best way is to read the main documentation (especially the Live Blog linked up top), search for the terms you’re looking for in the GitHub search bar, and look through the forums here. Many of the answers you’re looking for are going to have already been answered. The code itself isn’t fully documented in a central location but is discussed quite a bit in both locations.