Introducing Harshal, For refactoring the documentation

Just had a question, is any SSG tool won't work to refactor the documentation like(Jekyll, Docusaurus)?

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So long as the framework works within what we require (i.e. docs use plain markdown files resulting in static HTML pages). We use typescript for building the website and GitHub actions so ideally it would retain a similar workflow.

Just a last question, do you want it to be a separate project built on Joplin's org.
or just that readme file has to be created as a static HTML for the repository?

By adding it to the same repo, it would be very easy to set up a markdown renderer (like remarkable, marked, etc) and serve it as a single HTML Page.
But, if we want to make it a complete documentation website, SSG tools like Docusaurus(which can support typescript) can work very easily.
Also, Rather than relying on other Open-source tools, It is also possible to create a Next.js/React.js-based SSG tool to render pages as we want with more features to be incorporated.
Also, CI/CD Pipeline can be built using Github Actions or any other tools easily.

Before we go too far in the details (first step is to properly understand how the website is currently built) we don't seem to have had an introduction from you - could you link your GitHub and any PRs that you have made (or detail what you are intending to make) to the main project?

Thank you for the reply.
About my introduction, I'm Harshal from India (A pre-final year graduate from the University of Mumbai).
GitHub: [harshalkaigaonkar (harshal kaigaonkar) ( (harshal kaigaonkar) · GitHub)
I am currently interning with as a part of the documentation team in a technical role for managing the SSG tool for them and refactoring their documentation too.
I'm very passionate about developing front-end tools.

Now, I've gone through the codebase but I don't think this idea is related to the core project rather, a new entity.
could you recommend to me some Issues that can help me go through the crux of the idea for the project?

It would be better if you created it as a new topic so we can keep track easier - it is listed in the guidelines which I assume you have read.

Join the Joplin Forum, introduce yourself in a structured manner, share your GitHub username, and meet your fellow developers in the GSoC category. The subject of the topic shall contain your username, e.g. Introducing .

The issues don't need to be related to the project idea, we need to be able to assess your skills and approach. This project idea also has many of the same technology requirements as the main project which is why we require PRs.

I think this conversation creates a topic under GSoC Category.
If not, would you please guide me with that?
I'll surely get back with the update, maybe a PR.

The subject of the topic shall contain your username, e.g. Introducing ...

thanks for that.