Syncing Features (Next.JS, Gatsby.JS, SQL)


I have a GSoC Proposal/Feature idea.

I have been a Developer for some years now.
There are many times where I wished to have that cool tool that would enable me with some simple configuration, to sync my notes across platforms especially, these:

  • React Libraries: Gatsby.JS, Next.JS
  • ReadTheDocs

All of these Tools aka Documentation Generators generate the docs from Markdown Files.

Joplin is an excellent Markdown Editor (Notebook Keeper), I believe it would be awesome if a feature such as "Sync this Notebook" with the above platforms I have mentioned could be added.

Ways I have been thinking this could be achieved:

  • Add support or develop an API endpoint where those other Libraries can fetch the data to generate the docs they need.
  • Develop a Tool/Feature where Joplin uses a Remote Git Repository for Syncing, so when the user presses sync this notebook, Joplin just pushes the latest changes to the remote repository. Then, Libraries such as Gatsby.JS, Next.JS re-generate their content with a Git Hook.

Of course the above methods should require minimal interactivty with the user, for example: Enable Joplin these xxx permissions on GitHub.

That's my draft idea.
I hope you like it.


#gsoc #features #proposal

A plugin that publish to ReadTheDocs could indeed make an interesting GSoC project, and the API already provides a way to fetch notes. First make sure to read the guidelines and create one or two small pull requests.

I've been visiting Issues on GitHub

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a bug which I could possibly fix.
And I need time to make myself comfortable with the project, for example I haven't figured how Joplin compiles React Native,
Are there sym-links from React and they are used from React Native.

Can I proceed with my Application on GSoC?
The Project idea will be
"Publishing to ReadTheDocs"

I also started using Joplin to have a User Experience and I can say I have migrated from OneNote and I also installed the Joplin plug in VSCode.

Is fixing a bug required for GSoC?

Yes, some sort of contribution is required so that we can get an idea of your coding skills. There are about 35 bugs that are labelled either "medium" or "high", is there really nothing in there? See also Google Summer of Code 2021 | Joplin

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