GSoC 2022: Refactor the project documentation

Hi everyone! I am Rakesh Potnuru, a CS undergraduate.
I want to contribute to Refactor the project documentation. Daeraxa, laurent can you guide me for the same?
Thank you.

Hi there,
Welcome to the community.
Have you read the instructions yet?
Is there anything unclear hindering you to proceed in the familiarization process?

Would you mind sharing your GitHub account?

thx & good luck

Hi, @PackElend,
I have gone through the instructions. Can you share relevant links, resources for this project?
Here is my GitHub account: RakeshPotnuru

so you read

GSoC 2022 Ideas:link:

2022 is Joplin third round at Google Summer of Code. Detailed information on how to get involved and apply are given in the general Summer of Code introduction

or is any reference forgotten, preventing you from getting there?
There is the section Google Summer of Code 2022 | Joplin ( how to contribute

I read the Idealist and all the information about GSoC 2022. I just thought it would be nice interacting with mentors (mentioned here). Sorry if I asked anything wrong. I will start exploring the issue queue.
Thank you.

welcome :slight_smile:

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Specific questions about things we are more than happy to answer but at this point we really are after general familiarity with the codebase, documentation and general community interaction as well as demonstration of your capabilities rather than starting 1 on 1 conversations about how the project idea itself should be done.

Remember, whilst we have an end goal for these projects, the idea isn't to just use people to do a bunch of coding, this is the contributor's project and requires your own input and creativity.


Hi there,
you are doing?
Are you getting along well as the serious phase is about to start?
Any help required on how to read Joplin's codebase and how to fix an issue easily?

good luck

Hey Daeraxa, PackElend,
About that project, haven't you thought of using any Open-source Static-Site-generation Tool like jekyll, docusaurus, etc?
Also, In the project description, only that page needs to be refactored completely? or anything else.
Does it gonna be a separate kind of project , or will be a part of current project.

Oh Btw, I'm Harshal.
I'm too interested in this project.
Have worked on SSG Tools Before and Skills relevant here like TS/JS, HTML, CSS, Github/Actions, etc.