Introducing horizon3902

Hello! My name is Kshitij Agarkar and I'm a 2nd-Year Computer Science major from IIIT Nagpur, India.
My username is horizon3902 on Github. The project I'm interested to work on is Refactoring the Project Documentation.

I have the relevant experience in HTML, CSS, JS and NodeJS required to work on this project, through projects given us in college and other personal side projects, the most appropriate here being LaptopWiki, which uses similar Jekyll based theme to write documentation which I have proposed to do so in my draft proposal submitted a couple of days ago, which I would love to get reviewed.

I have tried my hand at making a simple demo for refactored documentation, which is visible at joplin-docs-test.

I have currently not submitted any pull requests, I'm still exploring the codebase, but I will update here once I have done so.

I'm very excited to contribute to this project and look forward to learning and gaining experience.