Introducing entrymaster

Hello everyone, Ayush Srivastava here. I'm a third-year computer science undergrad student. I'm a technology enthusiast and passionate coder. My most coding experience is in React Native and related frameworks plus some fascination with deep learning. I love to contribute in open source as I feel great after playing a part in developing such great products used by so many. I feel GSOC 2022 is a great opportunity to work with great mentors at Joplin and work on awesome projects.
Among all good project ideas, I'm more inclined towards Idea #1 i.e "Plugin system on mobile" and Idea #5 "Implement a toolbar for the mobile beta code editor".
I feel my experience with React Native and good familiarity with TypeScript could help me in these projects.
Looking forward to be a part of this awesome community
Thank You


Hi there,
Welcome to the community.

Would you mind sharing which bug you are going to work / you are working on?
Would you mind sharing your GitHub account?

thx & good luck

Hello PackElend
I'm pleased to be a part of this community
My GitHub profile is entrymaster
I have worked on Issue #6234 "When setting a note alarm, the date and hour text is invisible (white on white)" which got closed in PR Color of date-time text in "Set Alarm" changed to match theme #6279 and Issue #3564 Move Note dropdown menu can be very narrow for which I have created a PR Mobile: Fixes #3564: Width of Move Note Dropdown now adjusts based of content #6306
Looking forward to contributing more.
Thanks again

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Hi there,
you are doing?
Are you getting along well as the serious phase is about to start?
Any help required on how to read Joplin's codebase and how to fix an issue easily?

good luck

I'm good. I was going through joplin's desktop codebase to understand how plugin system works. The codebase is a little above my current level, I have got to learn a lot. I was going through /app-desktop/gui/NoteEditor/NoteEditor.tsx and CodeMirror.tsx. There are lot of layers in code. I'm still on it. I do need help from you to understand it better and then come up with a solution for RN. I also saw there are quite many bugs for RN Editor. I'm working on that too. Where else can I connect with you for doubts?

no worries, there are no doubts, just asking around how you guys are doing.

Thanks It really felt welcoming :relaxed:

Do you have any preferences for technologies for plugin integration or I'm allowed to use any?

you can use whatever you like for plug-ins but if you want others to contribute to it, it should be well known

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