Introducing personalizedrefrigerator

I'm a 3rd year student at the University of Washington. I use Joplin to organize class notes, prioritize assignments, and typeset math homework!

While I have used JavaScript for several years, I am new to React, React Native, and TypeScript.

I'm most interested in implementing a toolbar for the beta editor on mobile. I have already started fixing bugs in the beta editor and am finding it quite fun!

I'm looking forward to continuing to contribute to Joplin!

Edit: I just noticed that the GSoC post format suggests titling the post Introducing [username here]!


Hi there,
how is it going?
Are you preparing a proposal?


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I am preparing a proposal! Thank you for checking. I'll try to have a draft submitted by Friday.

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I've submitted a draft!

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we saw it :slight_smile:

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