Introducing AdyanAhmed99

Hello Joplin community,
I am Adyan Ahmed, a 3rd year computer science and engineering undergraduate at Atria Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India.

I am new to open source as well as Joplin. I aim to participate in GSoC 2020 with this organization. I was jumping organizations before which explains my late intro, but later i found this organization which is more comprehensive, well-documented and within my scope.(Better late than never).

I have experience in JavaScript and nodejs but haven’t explored reactjs much. As many of the projects require Reactjs I will try my best to skill myself with the required framework.

Can i choose my projects later or do i have to mention it now itself?. Because i have yet to choose between 2 projects that I have in mind, listed in the idea page.
Meanwhile, i will get to the setup and start my contributions.
My Github Link

Regards, Adyan


welcome to the community,

no, application periods ends at the end of the month we can discuss until than, you can make even proposal for each of them, if time allows. We will chose only one.

Understood, thank you for the clarification.