Introducing a Note Marketplace: Empowering Students and Sharing Knowledge in Joplin

Hello All :wave:

I want to introduce the concept of a note marketplace within Joplin.

where students can buy and sell their crafted notes. It's about supporting unemployed students who have a knack for creating top-notch notes while simultaneously benefiting others who are seeking knowledge in various subjects.

  1. Many students invest significant time and effort into creating comprehensive notes. A marketplace would provide them with an avenue to monetize their hard work, offering financial support and recognition for their expertise.

  2. On the flip side, students who may struggle with certain subjects or topics could benefit immensely from accessing high-quality notes created by their peers.

  • ~note: Whether students choose to offer their notes for free or set a price, the marketplace would allow for flexibility in how knowledge is exchanged. It's about empowering users to decide the value of their work and ensuring that quality content is accessible to all.

the possibilities: notes on diverse subjects, study guides, tips and tricks .....

Do you believe it could add value to Joplin?

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Personally, I don't. This looks to be external to Joplin. I believe the app should stay focused instead of accumulating bloat.


I understand the need for specificity and agree that it's important to maintain Joplin's focus. Thank you for your insight.