Intoducing Deaconu Serban

Hello, my name is Deaconu serban, I am a final year engineering student at University UMFST located in Targu Mures, Romania. I would love to contribute to Joplin and participate in this year GSOC. I have prior experience with React and Java.

I would like to help with this issue #1656 but I would like to get some suggestion as to how i should approach it considering the current limitations.

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Hello Deaconu

You can start by reading through all comments on that issue and the PRs that have been previously submitted to fix it. Just be aware that the project structure has changed at some point, so file paths may no longer be valid.

I did read all the comments and checked the PRs, but I don't understand how I should approach the issue considering:

  1. Using smalltalk: It can only be done using two dialogs that would lead to bad UX
  2. Using another library: As @laurent didn't agree to it

I would suggest using another library and style it the same way smalltalk are, but I want to know if this is the appropriate solution as we would have two libraries for the same purpose(mostly).
One solution would be to completely replace smalltalk.