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If I use the browser extension and clip a page, there are links in that page that references other parts of the same page. In Joplin, rather that referencing the local page, the links go to the Internet. What I mean is the clipping is not localizing internal links on the page.

Do you mean if links from one page lead to another part of the page without going through the internet again?


I don't understand why some links on a page in joplin that reference a target on the same page work, and others go to the internet.

Could you be a little more specific with an example of a problematic page. And explain us step by step what you are doing (which option of the web clipper is used, etc).

It's fairly straight forward. I"m on a page in my browser, vivaldi, that has links to other parts of the page. I click on the joplin icon in my addons bar and I choose either complete page or complete page (html).
I choose which notebook to use and click confirm. The page comes down with success.
In Joplin, I see the page but when I click a link, some jump the the section on the page in Joplin as it should, but others open a page in my browser. The page opened in the browser is the same source page that I used to download to Joplin.
In short, often, as I stated in my first post, some internal links stay in Joplin and others jump to the Internet.
I hope this is clear.
Also, some pages like the 3 below, have links to the same page but when you click them, nothing happens:

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