Web Links in Joplin Windows don't work

Operating system


Joplin version


Desktop version info

Joplin 2.14.20 (prod, win32)

Client ID: 43a73dd5b8ee46d8a5d81e986a9c288f
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 46
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: cfd98e3

Backup: 1.4.0
Note Tabs: 1.4.0

What issue do you have?

When I click on a link in Joplin, it doesn't open up the linked page in my default browser.

When I right mouse on a link, I see the following in the local menu:

Save as
Reveal file in folder
Copy path to clipboard
Paste as text
Copy Link Address

Open doesn't work. So I end up choosing Copy Link Address and pasting it into my browser.

I have Joplin synched to my Android phone and links in notes work perfectly.

I looked in Options and didn't notice anything that could cause this.

Any ideas?



I think this is the rich text editor, you can press ctrl + left-click the link and it will open in the browser.

Thanks @7adidaz.

That works ... sort of!

In most apps, the mouse pointer changes to a hand or a point over a hyperlink and the focus changes to the browser when you click on the link. In Joplin, focus stays in Joplin even though the link opens.

Strangely enough. the floating section at the bottom saying "This Rich Text editor has a number of limitations and it is recommended to be aware of them before using it. [ Read more about it ] [ Dismiss ]" works as normal:

Is that normal behaviour in Joplin?


I'm on Linux, and when I click a link whether in the rich editor or the md one, the focus changes to the browser, unfortunately, but I think sometimes that doesn't work, maybe try to restart Joplin and the browser and try again? have you tried the MD editor?

So Joplin on Linux works just like Joplin on Android. Interesting.

I have noticed this since I started using Joplin last week. And I restart my computer a couple of times a day.

I don't know the MD editor, when I have more time, I'll take a close look at it.

you can switch to using it through this button on the top right side of the screen


Thanks @7adidaz. I've seen that before, I've switched into the MD editor accidentally.

I'm taking a course right now, all of my available time is taken up by that. Once I've finished it in a month or so, I'll have time to dig deeper into Joplin!

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