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Is there a wiki-type of internal link from a world (group of worlds) to another note? ChatGBT gave me instructions on how to create a link using a unique tag. I did not manage to create the link. The AI is probably giving the wrong instructions. I have not found the instructions under "Help" either.

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If I have understood you correctly, it appears that the specific feature you're seeking might not be available. However, without knowing a lot about Joplin, I can suggest from my experience these :

  • "Copy Anchor Link Plugin:" You can explore the "Copy Anchor Link" plugin here, Plugin: Copy Anchor Link which enables you to create a link to any header in a note, rather than specific words or groups of words as you requested.
  • Note Link System Plugin: Another option to consider is the Note Link System plugin, which encompasses various features, including the one mentioned above.
  • Inline Tag Navigator Plugin: While I don't personally use tags in Joplin, theoretically, you can explore the Inline Tag Navigator plugin.
    Please note that this might only partially cover your needs and should be considered as a workaround, this plugin was created for different porpoise.
    I assume you have already explored the Joplin core feature that allows you to link notes. Markdown Guide | Joplin, but I know this is different than you want to use.

@Ess50 welcome to the forum.

If you want to create a wiki-style link to another note you first need to right-click the note in the note list that you want to link to and select "Copy Markdown link". This puts the link onto your clipboard.


Then go to the note you want to link from and paste the link. You will see something that looks like this:

[Test note](:/2434986e534c43a0820de33b65f461dc)

You can change the text between the square brackets [] to anything you want. So if your paragraph reads

Details can be found in this note

and you want to link from the words "this note", you would edit the note text to look like:

Details can be found in [this note](:/2434986e534c43a0820de33b65f461dc)

This will appear as text with "this note" being a hyper-link to the other note you want to link to.

(This sounds more difficult than it actually is :slight_smile: )

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