Internal links to other notes - Error Message

I'm new to Joplin, and keen, need help please: attempts to use links to other notes generates this error:
"Unsupported link or message: /D/Program%20Files/Joplin/resources/app.asar/xxxx"

@gbossley Welcome to the forum

You say that you are getting this error when linking notes however it is not clear what you are actually doing. Your question sounds like it could be a general Support request however you have posted in a Development Plugins forum area suggesting you are creating or using a plugin?

Could you please give a bit more detail about when this error occurs and under what circumstances? Also knowing what version of Joplin and what OS you are using can be very helpful.

Thank you dpoulton.

I could be wrong but thought the creation of internal links would be down to using plugins?

I'm trying to create a link to embed into a note that links to another note in that same notebook.
I've right clicked on a note, and selected Create markdown link - and get the message mentioned in my OP.
Windows 10...
Version Joplin 1.7.11 (prod, win32) Sync Version: 2 Profile Version: 34 Keychain Supported: Yes Revision: f560563d8 (master)

Note, I've just successfully done this on my phone using the Android App!

So I copied the successful format and applied it in the Windows App, only to find that my saved URL does not hold (it reverts to the original Evernote URL)! Weird.

It seems that you are trying to create a "normal" note link using the right-click, "Copy Mardown link" method. This linking method is a core feature of Joplin and not plugin related.

As a fellow user I cannot suggest how to rectify what is going wrong here, especially as it possibly relates to an Evernote import. I have however moved your post to the support area of the forum and added that it concerns an error. Hopefully someone with a deeper knowledge of Joplin's internals and / or Evernote importing will be able to suggest something.

dpoulton, thanks for your generous gift of time and effort.


I've been trying too hard (clicking the link button). If I simply paste the Markdown link into my note, the link works perfectly!


Right click the target note and select 'Copy Markdown Link'.

Open the note into which you want to create the link, click in the note and paste. The name of the target note displays, and is dynamic - a link.

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