Intermittent hangs on Debian

Hi, just installed Joplin 1.0.140 (prod, linux) on Debian 9.8. Works fine, but occasionally hangs. I’m not sure what sequence of events is causing it to hang, but I’ll keep looking.

When it hangs, the menu bar is still responsive (ie, menus appear), but nothing happens when menu items are selected. I can’t change notebooks or notes. The app repaints when partially obscured by another window and then revealed.

Are there known issues of this type? Is there anything I can do to get debug or other useful information?

Hi I’m not sure what could be causing that. But here’s a document outlining debugging in Joplin

Thanks. Set that up, managed to make it hang, although actually “hang” may be misleading: I have multiple joplin processes running, the top two taking 108% and 106% of CPU each.

Last entries in console log, repeated many, many times:

Automatically scrolling cursor into view after selection change this will be disabled in the next version set editor.$blockScrolling = Infinity to disable this message 

Not sure how much that helps, sorry.

I looked into the error message and it seems pretty easy to fix, I’m not sure if that’s whats causing the hangs, but it’s worth a shot.

I have made a pull request here

I also found that Nodejs v4 was installed on that system. Given that I’m running from an AppImage, that shouldn’t matter (but…). Anyway, I’ve upgraded Nodejs on that system to v8. I’ll report if it “hangs” again.