Clicking "New to-do" causes hang

Have some data stored in notebooks and is going to be a pain if I can’t get that back!! One of the top bars contains New note, New to-do, and New notebook. New to-do also has a box with a check-mark that never goes away. Just to see what it does I clicked on New to-do. The box for that area changed from white to blue and at that point Joplin hung.

At this point nothing works. Closing Joplin and restarting does not change anything - still hung. The screen looks exactly as it did when the problem started.

which OS do you use ?

The latest Insider edition of Windows 10.

I’ve noticed something similar on macOS (10.13.6). The CPU usage spikes to 100% and stays there. Joplin (1.0.104) does not react anymore. This happens sometimes when clicking on New note. The only way to fix this is to kill Joplin.
I haven’t been able to determine on which occasion this hang happens - it seems sporadic and intermediate.

That resolved the disappearing data!!! Thanks.

Just ran a quick test and, looking via Task Manager, noticed that Joplin continues to run in the background when exited via the red X in the upper right corner. If exited by going to File and using “Quit” it goes away completely. Seems a bit strange; have always expected things to go away when closing via the “X”.

Well, it’s still a bug and needs to be addressed. In case of a hang, does your app also run with 100% CPU?
Next time I experience this I will create a spin dump. Maybe you could create something similar on Windows. In this case we can provide @laurent enough info to see where the hang occurs.

The CPU was very high, but can’t say whether it was 100%. Likely was . Both issues are easy to reproduce. I think the earlier part of this mail trail describes both. Don’t know how to get a Windows, in this case 10, dump.

Will be happy to do that, but need instructions. Was a mainframe guy and even after a long time, am still learning PCs.

Unfortunately I don’t know anything about Windows. The last time I had Windows installed on a personal PC was Windows 3.11.

On POSIX systems you’d create a coredump of the process to retrieve a stack trace. Or strace can be used as well.
On macOS there’s the Activity Monitor that allows you to select a process and do either a Sample process or Spindump. There are also the command line versions available for scripting or people who prefer the command line.

Something similar must exist on Windows. Maybe @foxmask or @zblesk can help out here. I believe both of them use Windows as their main platform.

Thanks. In the meantime, can you reproduce either problem on your system?

No I cannot. I mentioned before that these hangs occur randomly.

I have experienced some hangs, but they seem arbitrary and I can’t seem to replicate them, so I won’t be much help here. (And IIRC foxmask doesn’t use Windows.)

I will create a spin dump the next time the hang occurs on my system. I just thought having a second one from a different OS might be helpful.

Here’s the spin dump (6.4 MB) of the last hang.