Joplin freezing constantly on Arch Linux

The version I’m using is: Joplin 1.0.179 (prod, linux); Sync Version: 1; Revision: b4e325d (master)

So, I just installed joplin a few days ago, so I have limited experience here. But one very annoying thing thats happening is joplin is constantly hanging/freezing. If I’m away from joplin and I bring it back into focus to take a note is that the Joplin notes interface is completely unresponsive. I can click on different notes/notebooks, but nothing actually opens. Right click also doesn’t work at this point. I can click menus as well, and they open. The only way to resolve this is to kill joplin and reopen. But this is happening constantly.

So, I ran joplin in debugging mode:joplin-desktop --log-level debug

It almost looks like a syncing issue. I’m having the issue right now, and in the lower left corner Syncing is stuck in a loop. It just spins infinitely. If I click cancel, it just stays stuck saying “cancelling…”.

Here’s the tail output of my log.txt:

Could you open the console and see if there’s any error message when it’s freezing? You can open it in the help menu

Thank you… I have it open now. Just waiting for it to freeze

Ok, so I’ve figured out how to recreate the issue (at least partially). If I click sync/cancel (lower left corner) multiple times in a row, it gets stuck in the infinite syncing/cancelling/spin loop.

Console shows normal activity before the problem when clicking on a different note: webview_domReady Connect {props: {…}, context: {…}, refs: {…}, updater: {…}, version:

Then when I initiate the bug by clicking on sync several times, nothing shows up in console whatsoever. It only has the last reported event from before the bug.

Here is my updated log.txt file:

I’m not sure why this would only be happening to myself and not other linux users?

Whenever I initially launch joplin in debug, I get these messages in the console (in case they’re important) console.log file :

Is there anything I can check/supply that might help troubleshoot this? Are other people reporting this kind of issue? If not, maybe its something specific on my machine? Maybe an incompatible or out of date package? Could it be something with electron or the sync part?

Is this the best place to ask these questions? Or maybe its better to post on Github??

Is anyone else having thse issues on linux? crashing/freezing?

Another fellow Arch user. Except, I’m now on Artix, the systemd-less off shoot of Arch that is exactly the same in every other aspect except that; it even uses many of the same packages.

The problems you’re having, I’m having on and off again, but not with just Joplin. I have semi frequent freezing with the Brave browser, Visual Studio Code and other apps that have Chromium or Electron backends. I suspect that it has something to do with moving from the 5.4 to the 5.5 kernel in the main repos and the simple fact that my hardware is pretty old. My gpu is an integrated Intel one that seems to have somewhat spotty drivers and had similar issues on Windows for some apps too.

I’m thinking about temporarily rolling back to 5.4 since these issues weren’t popping up at that time to see if it’s just that; I can get back to you with my findings and hopefully, others can find this information useful.

@goop, what are your PC specs, btw, and I’m assuming you’re probably on the same kernel version.

FYI i opened up a bug

To me, this seems like possibly an issue with either a piece of Joplin itself, like maybe it doesn’t handle syncing correctly…Or maybe it’s an issue with a dependency (like electron maybe)?

I’m on a Ryzen 7 system.

I’m not having freezing with other apps really, only with Joplin. But I wouldn’t say it’s freezing really. It gets stuck in a syncing error state that can’t be stopped. The windows don’t change between notes/notebooks, however the menus/settings windows load. So the views/windows for menus/settings work, but the view changes with notes stop working when this happens.

If I click on sync a few times, it will kick off the infinite sync error. Cancel doesn’t work. Nothing whatsoever shows up in the console, but theres alot of info in the log.txt.

To me it seems like possibly a bug with the way ssync works or electron. I see other people on Linux are starting to report it as well, so maybe it is related to some piece of updated software.

I have a 1070 gefore card and on 5.5 kernel. I just installed joplin for the first time like 5 days ago, so I can’t say if it would’ve been buggy in the past or not

Thanks for replying as quickly and thoroughly as you had. When I’m saying freezing here, I’m talking about the Sidebar where notebooks, notes and the Synchronization button are is becoming unresponsive while the rest of the app is working fine for me. I’m still installing the LTS (5.4.19) kernel to see if it makes any difference.

This could be just crazy speculation, but maybe Joplin can’t properly handle disconnections or network spikes when syncing, causing it to freeze up a bit. That’s also part of why I’m downgrading my kernel. My wireless adapter’s drivers seemed to have been messed with a bit and I have noticed some inconsistencies with my connection that are out of the ordinary otherwise.

Here’s a video showing the problem if it helps!

@bedwardly-down does the video look similar to your issue?

Did the LTS kernel change anything?

I would have to use the LTS kernel for awhile longer but this is promising. Putting my laptop to sleep before would cause Joplin and Brave to both need to be restarted upon wakeup but both are running just fine.

Btw, in that video, you showed exactly what was happening but others may be able to help you better if you temporarily enable debugging and also do something like I’m doing and have a terminal opened above the bottom to the left of the dev console. I keep one there with tail -f $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/joplin-desktop/log.txt running when I’m testing to show live updates of the log. I wouldn’t know exactly what to look for to see what’s causing your issue.

@goop, so far, both me and another user have rolled back to the Linux-lts kernel and it seems to have fixed the syncing issues for both of us; it looks like 5.5 is breaking things like Firefox for others in the Arch community. Unless you absolutely need the 5.5 kernel (since some of your hardware may be way newer than the rest of ours), could you test out rolling back your kernel? Thanks

Further instructions and information are from this point down: