Integration with Terabox

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It'd be nice if Joplin also allowed a separate interface to connect to Terabox for synchronization.
Terabox allows up to 1 Tb of data to be stored for free.

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In addition to its own apps, does Terabox even offer a way (webdav,...) to connect to it?

It appears that the free account may have "1TB of storage" but according to their site there is a maximum of 20 files that can be saved and the maximum file size is 4GB. This only totals 80GB so either the claim is misleading or I have missed something. Regardless, Joplin will not work with a 20 file limit. Uploads and downloads are apparently throttled unless you pay. It also seems that everything has to be done through one of their clients (no Mac client). I guess that this is so they can feed you the ads you have to see as part of the free package. Finally, the Techradar review of TeraBox (May 23) indicates that then the file limit was 500, not 20, so the 1Tb claim would have been correct at that time. They also cast some doubt over security / privacy. The article goes into detail but they summarise their concerns by saying,

As we are unable to confirm the current situation with data storage and security, we recommend using TeraBox cautiously. This means that you should avoid storing sensitive and personal information in its cloud space.

So if the TeraBox client is the only connection method, Joplin could not connect to their servers even if it wanted to. But even if it could there is a risk your note data would not be safe.

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20 files or 500 files are both misleading
That is surely misleading information (20 files or 500 files are both misleading), you can refer to the screenshot (1) of my account usage information, in the screenshot, already more than 999 files. BTW, I also search around the web about the so called 20 files limit and a few other issues (kind of why I ended up in this forum thread), and when you and I who look around and can not find those necessary-for-user information, it is not a case of "misleading", it is something else and I will put it aside for the time being.

(1) the screenshot of my account usage information ▽:

CCP will absolutely peep into your cloud storage
Terabox is a CCP China (Chinese Communist Party China, or CCP China)-ruled ISP web app, so, I as a Taiwanese (Taiwan as Free China or Little China, as in the 7th art called "Big Trouble in Little China (1986 movie")(2) citizen can tell you to forget about the respect of privacy under Communist China shadow, you should even expect that CCP will absolutely peep into your cloud storage. Nevertheless, for those people who don't have budget to pay for cloud storage while the rest of the world outside Communist China does not provide a cloud storage service free account with decent cloud storage space like Terabox, a certain group of cloud storage user will have to choose between "Not uploading to cloud storage" or Terabox, unless there is another cloud storage ISP free account service out there and I don't know it.

(2) A 7th art conceptual component as a reference for the aforementioned phrase "Big Trouble In Little China":
Big Trouble In Little China (1986) - Official Trailer - YouTube

Dropbox can works with synchronization of Joplin, but its offcial web page stated that "WebDAV ... is not on the current feature roadmap", so the message in your reply could be misleading.

Not really. At the time I viewed their website the page stated a 20 file limit and apparently when Techradar reviewed the service there was a 500 file limit. That was the information published at those times. Possibly things have changed again.

As an aside, I also see that all the uploads shown in your screenshot actually failed ▽:


I do not understand the point you are trying to make about this post. To me @Isaac was asking a question. They asked if there was a method such as WebDav to even enable Joplin to connect to Terabox. It is a question not a statement so I cannot see how it can be construed as being "misleading".

As for the point you make about Dropbox not supporting WebDav...

Where possible Joplin will use a cloud provider's own API to connect to the storage service. For those that do not have an API, Joplin can connect to providers if they instead support the WebDav protocol.

Dropbox may not support WebDav but Joplin does not need WebDav to connect to Dropbox. Joplin uses Dropbox's API to connect to Dropbox. So there is a way.

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Just a quick reply to this part of your response, in Terabox official web page at this moment, it is still stating "Max number of files that can be saved" is 20 files as shown as screenshot below, so their public statement does not correspond to the fact that I experienced:


That happen because Terabox has a monthly traffic limit, and this part of message only shown when a user hit the limit and trying to upload again, it does not show to user clearly.

The other part of your reply, it might take me some time to catch up, so I won't comment about it in this reply.